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Black Tipped British Shorthair

Jeraz British Shorthair

Breeder of Pedigree Black Tipped British Shorthair

Also British Shorthair in Whites & Blue's & Fawns

British Shorthair member of gccf Breeders Scheme
Jeraz British shorthair Member of gccf breeders scheme

British Shorthair

My 1st Cat show was at Kentish Cat Society which i took along Bluebelle & Snowball as Kittens, I had never even been to a cat show before, and wasn't sure what to expect i was shaking until i got out of car where i was greeted by this lovely couple who started chatting and made me feel at ease. Once inside and got my cats comfy i looked at them and felt really proud of them. We had to leave while judging took place but when we where allowed in i went straight to them and saw they had rosettes i was so happy for them.

I had a wonderful day and met some amazing people, so now ive the bug......

Sorry not been updated 

Snowball is taking a break now from Showing as he wasn't enjoying it anymore , But Snowball's Son Chip is doing really well. 

Essex Cat Club 11th April 2015

Snowball done really well and is now a CHAMPION. His Title is now CH Marozka Peridot, Pet name Snowball.

Snowball and myself had an amazing day and done really well, was good catching up with my friends who done well to.

Snowball is now going to have a break from showing for a while, and have a little rest at home with me. 


1 x CC

2 x 1st

1 x 3rd

After gaining his 3rd CC He's now Champion

Southern British Cat Club 7th March 2015

Snowball an myself had a lovely day at this show and was good to meet up with my friends there. I also got to meet Stuart & Barbara McEwen from Pennydown who are Snowballs Dad's Breeder they were such lovely people. 


1 x CC

1 x 1st

Only 1 more CC and then he becomes a Champion 

Kentish Cat Society 18th October 2014

I've not been for a while, I Entered Snowball and his Son Chip, Both of them down extremely well and very proud of them.


1st & BOB

2 x 2nds in his side class

He also got his 1st CC


1st & BOB

2 x 2nds in side Class

National Cat Club 7th December 2013

I only entered Snowball in this show, he done well, This is his last show as a Kitten and will be up with the big boys next time.

1st & BOB in Kitten

1st & 2nd in his side class

Kentish Cat Society 19th October 2013

I Entered Both Snowball & Bluebelle In the Kitten Classes and the pair done extremely Well, Results are below

1st in Kitten & BOB

2 x 1st & a 3rd in his side class 

2nd in kitten

1st & 2 x 2nds in her side class